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Nghiên cứu thiết kế khuôn hàn siêu âm bậc tròn

Nghiên cứu thiết kế khuôn hàn siêu âm bậc tròn

Namsonic cung cấp 1 bài báo khoa học về việc thiết kề khuôn hàn siêu âm dạng tròn bậc.

Tựa đề: Study-on-ultrasonic-stepped-horn-geometry-design-and-fem-simulation

Tóm tắt: 

The paper deals with study through Finite Element Method (FEM) of ultrasonic stepped horn used to aid electro-discharge machining (EDM+US). The thermal phenomena are dominant within EDM machining mechanism. The role of US aiding is to intensify the material thermal removal through cavitational phenomena.Several studies were carried on in order to analyze the influence of steps lengths and diameters and corner radius size on own frequency of stepped ultrasonic horns. A good agreement between the FEM results and theoretical and experimental data was emphasized. Methods to adjust the own frequency of stepped horns by adjusting the lengths, diameters and additional machining of a groove at gravity centre level of horn are presented.

Tải về: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kopub99byw8m08s/Study+on+ultrasonic+stepped+horn+geometry+design+and+FEM+simulation.pdf

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